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The Power of Customer Follow-ups and Reviews

by Ola Alakara 09 Feb 2024 0 Comments

The exceptional customer experiences are the heartbeat of successful businesses. As valued sellers on our platform, I would like to highlight the importance of following up with customers before, during and after the purchase process.

More than 90% of Loyabi’s customers are satisfied with our exceptional follow ups, and our willingness to ask them to give their feedback, and take that feedback into action, to ensure their satisfaction.

In addition to our customer service department follow ups, I would like to share with you, why as a seller too, you should follow up with your customers and take their feedback.

Why Seller-Customer Follow-ups Matter?

  1. Build trustful relationship: this will make customers feel more comfortable and satisfied with your services
  2. Personalized service: showing the process of making their items or packaging them, taking their notes and giving your recommendations will enhance buyers’ shopping experience
  3. Problem resolution: solving any arising issue directly before delivering the item can change the negative experience into a positive one, securing customer satisfaction

    Note: To find your customers information, log in into your seller account at Loyabi, go to your orders list, then click on the order itself to find their names and save their mobile numbers.



    The Power of Customer Reviews:

    After your customers receive their purchase, you have the chance to attract more customers by a simple tip: Ask your customers to leave a review for your shop and your product at Loyabi!

      1. When a customer leaves a review, this will affect other buyers’ decisions positively to buy the item.
      2. More reviews improve your product or profile visibility on our platform, boosting your ranking and attracting more customers.
      3. Feedback, means improvement, customer reviews will help you in refining your products and services based on customers needs. 

        Note: after customers receive their orders, you can contact them to take their feedback, and send them your profile link at Loyabi, and/or product/s link/s to leave their feedback and rate the profile or/and product. Or you can just send them the following video to learn how. 

        Thank you for your commitment to excellence and for being an integral part of the Loyabi community.

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