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Avoiding Common Mistakes: The Importance of Correct Product Weight

by Mohamad Mahmoud, COO at Loyabi 13 Jan 2024 0 Comments

When initiating the online sale of your products, it is important to execute every step perfectly. One common error made by some sellers is inaccurately determining the weights of their products. In this article, I will guide you on setting the weight for your products. We will learn the difference between actual weight and volumetric weight and explore why it is essential to use volumetric weight instead of actual weight in many cases.

Types of Weight:

  1. Actual Weight:
    The actual weight is what you see on the scale, measured in kilograms, but shipping companies don't use this weight in many cases.
  2. Volumetric Weight:
    Volumetric weight is a way to calculate the shipping weight of a package based on its size (dimension), rather than just its actual weight. It considers how much space the package takes up during shipping.

Formula for Volumetric Weight:

Volumetric Weight  = (Length × Width × Height) / 5000.

Simple Steps to Set Your Product Weight:

  1. Package Your Product.
  2. Check the Height, Length, and Width (CM) for Your Product Package.
  3. Apply the Rule:
    Volumetric Weight = (Length × Width × Height) / 5000.
  4. Comparing Actual vs. Volumetric Weight:
    • If the actual weight is greater, use it to set the weight for your product.
    • If the volumetric weight is greater, use it to set the weight for your product.


      • The Product Actual weight equal 1.1 Kg
      • Volumetric Weight = (30 × 40 × 7) / 5000 = 1.68 kg

At, you can use the provided page to calculate the volumetric weight for your product.

      • Choosing the Right Weight for Your Product:

If You compare between actual weight 1kg for a product and volumetric weight 1.68 kg, You need to use 1.68kg as the weight for your product.

Setting Product Weight for International and Local Sales:

To optimize our shipping processes, we've requested our sellers to compare actual and volumetric weights for products in both international and local sales, and set the weight based on the greater value.


At, you are not able to enter our international sale program without applying the rules outlined in this article. Mastering weight settings is a basic skill that should exist for all sellers. Accurate weight settings ensure fairness in shipping costs for both sellers and buyers, reflecting the accurate shipping cost. Stay informed and update your product information regularly.

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