In the heart of Lebanon's vibrant spirit, a digital revolution is unfolding

Welcome to Loyabi, your gateway to a thriving digital market. We're here to empower Lebanese retail shops, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment venues by bringing their products and services directly to customers.

Our Journey

Our story began in 2022, as a collective of passionate Lebanese minds joined forces to shape Loyabi. Rooted in our nation's talents and aspirations, Loyabi embodies exclusive quality, seamless transactions, and a grand shopping experience, all vital ingredients to fuel Lebanon's digital economy.

We can all agree that as Lebanese minds, sophistication and practicality bring us together! Therefore, we work closely to take these gifted talents, nurture them and create opportunities to meet them with market opportunities.

What We Do

Loyabi is your all-in-one solution for integrated digital marketing. We cover every corner of Lebanon, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can succeed in the online landscape. Through our online platform, we bridge the gap between buyers and sellers, making online shopping simple and secure.

Why Choose Us

Our mission is clear: to create a trusted platform that enhances the online shopping experience for users and provides a spotlight for suppliers. We're not just a marketplace; we're a community where trust is the currency we treasure.

We aim to be preferred destination of the Lebanese communities for discovering new value, unique collection and bargains. Our deals system allows the customers to get the benefit of special discounts and hot deals upon subscription. 

Explore Unique Opportunities

Loyabi isn't just a marketplace – it's a launchpad for Lebanese talent. Whether you're a small business owner, a creative artist, or an entrepreneur, Loyabi is your platform to showcase your products and reach a wider audience.

Join the Movement

We are committed to a sustainable Lebanese online market growth. At Loyabi, we're more than a business – we're a force for positive change in the digital landscape. By bridging the gap between technology and personal connection, we're shaping the future of commerce. 

Your Journey Starts Here

Loyabi is your partner in turning ideas into profit. Join our community of sellers, creators, and innovators, and let's drive Lebanese businesses to new heights in the digital age. Discover the future of online commerce with Loyabi.

  • Empower Your Creativity: Turn your talents and creativity into profitable businesses. Loyabi is here to support you on your entrepreneurial path. 
  • Your Gateway to a Creative Community: Loyabi is genuine community-centric marketplace for Lebanese talents to exhibit their creativity and connect to millions of buyers
  • Championing Connection: Amidst the age of automation, Loyabi redefines commerce by preserving the essence of human interaction. Together, we shape progress.
  • Join the Innovators Become a Loyabi seller and play a role in our mission of empowerment and entrepreneurship. Join Now!

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