Loyabi is a virtual showroom with a full range of services of integrated digital marketing solutions designed to enable thousands of Lebanese retail shops, restaurants, hotels, entertainment, theaters, clubs, sports, concert, and festival promoters to sell products and tickets to consumers.

We are committed to a sustainable Lebanese Online Market Growth.

Loyabi covers all the Lebanese districts and reaches all sorts of businesses without sacrificing small business value over the larger ones.

Loyabi facilitates business-to-consumer sales through its website and mobile application; we work together vigorously to earn and keep customer trust.

We aim to create a trusted platform that enables the users who are looking for an easy and secure purchasing experience to enjoy online shopping, and the suppliers who choose Loyabi to feature and sell their products.

Our mission is to be the Lebanese's favorite destination for discovering new value, unique collection and bargains. Our deals system allows the customers to get the benefit of special discounts and hot deals upon subscription. Not to mention, our event system that allows you to track your favorite artist concerts, nearest events, and check the upcoming festivals with the ability to book your seat and buy your ticket online with confidence.

At Loyabi, we are building stronger connections between buyers and sellers with product experiences that are fast, mobile, and secure.


We all belong to one home..

And it is the one we’re willing to grow.

Loyabi’s Concept

As a group of passionate Lebanese minds, we joined forces in 2022 and built up Loyabi. Standing for exclusive quality, effortless selling, and majestic shopping, Loyabi draws the inspiration from Lebanese talents eager to prosper and build up this great country’s digital economy.

We can all agree that as Lebanese minds, sophistication and practicality bring us together! Therefore, we work closely to take these gifted talents, nurture them and create opportunities to meet them with market opportunities.


  • A cost effective choice 

Turn your talents and creativity into profitable businesses. Loyabi is here for you to outsource your website and start your entrepreneurial path.

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  • Your portal to creative community 

Loyabi is an online marketplace for Lebanese talents to exhibit their creativity and connect to millions of buyers. We adhere to creating a genuine community-centric marketplace.


  • A youthful community of sellers 

Become one of Loyabi’s sellers and contribute to our mission of empowerment, personalization and entrepreneurship.

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  • A Universe of Extraordinary Items 

You can feed your aesthetic hunger from our products and the passionate small businesses providing unique authentic pieces.Shop Now!


  • A Social Changemaker

Accelerating the digital economy amid the age of automation, we help preserve the human connection at the heart of commerce.

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