Loyabi is a Lebanese search engine dedicated to connecting local businesses with a ready-to-buy audience. Loyabi is the original source people use to find and connect with local businesses.

For local businesses, Loyabi integrated solutions are designed to help build their presence and expand their reach through a variety of digital products. Loyabi has a team of marketing experts in local markets across Lebanon.

Loyabi search engine allows all companies, establishments, shops and free professions for free registration to determine:

- Location on map and Address.

- Clients recommendations.

- Pictures and videos related to your work that shows your experience.

- Prices, products and services.

- Explain in details about your work and what you offer from products and services.

- Inquiry for a service or product or quotation request.

- Links to social media.

In addition, your exsitance on Loyabi will help you get valued information about your clients, their needs and how to meet their needs.

Also, you will be able to show your products and services on Loyabi online showrooms to everyone search for a business like yours and sell them online.